This is the title under which Birgit Meyer currently develops her research on the transforming role of religion in our contemporary globalized world. Two PhD projects will each undertake comparative analyses of Islamic and Christian movements in urban African settings.

This project, hosted by the Center for Religion and Media at NYU, explores how religion intertwines with the update of digital/social media in recent unprecedented social and political transformations–in particular but not exclusively in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central and Southeast Asia–along with the implications of these developments for international relations.

The Public Representation of a Religion called Hinduism

A network project examining the various ways in which Hinduism is manifested in public environments both in India and different diasporic contexts. The project is currently based at University of Manchester.

John Zavos
Finding Religion in the Media

A project run by the University of Colorado Center for Media, Religion and Culture. The project aims to explore the ways religion is represented, experienced, and understood through the media today, and the extent to which religious belief, practice, and action—particularly that directed at social reform and social change—can be generated in and through the media sphere.

Stewart Hoover