Steering Group

  • Marie Gillespie
    The Open University

    Ethnicity, national and religious identities; ethnography and media; transnationalism and the south Asian diaspora; media audiences and publics; narrative theory; citizenship and practices of democracy; multiculturalism and cultural diversity policy; media and the politics of security

  • Dr David Herbert

    Sociology and politics of religion, religion and ethics. Special interests: religion and human rights, religion and the idea of civil society, religion and society in East-Central Europe, Muslim minorities in Western Europe.

  • Prof Stewart Hoover
    John Zavos
    University of Colorado
  • Open University

    Digital religion, online ritual, digital text, community, media proselytism, death and bereavement

  • Prof Kim Knott
    Kim Knott
    University of Leeds

    My interests are in religion in public discourse; the secular ‘sacred’; religion, space and place; diasporas, migration and identities.

  • Dr Steve Knowles
    John Zavos
    University of Chester

    Research interests include examining the interface between religion/spirituality and popular culture. I have a particular focus upon religion and popular music and the mediatization of religion along with an interest in apocalyptic motifs that infiltrate contemporary culture.

  • Prof Knut Lundby
    Dept. of Media and Communication, University of Oslo

    Religion and Internet
    Media, religion and culture
    Digital storytelling

  • Prof Gordon Lynch
    John Zavos
    University of Kent
  • Prof Dr Birgit Meyer
    Birgit Meyer
    University of Utrecht

    I work on the interface of religion and media in Ghana, paying special attention to Pentecostalism and audiovisual media.

  • Johanna Sumiala
    University of Helsinki

    Media, Religion, Death, Ritual, Sacred, Ethnography, Media Anthropology, History, Visual Culture

  • Dr Charlie Winter
    The Quilliam Foundation

    Islam, jihadist movements, Islamic State, Middle East policy, Arabic language

  • John Zavos
    University of Manchester

    My interests are in religion and politics in South Asia and the South Asian diaspora, with a particular focus on contemporary Hindu organizations.

  • Dr Angela Zito
    New York Univeristy

    China, performance, embodiment, ritual, religious practice, mediation, critical theory, documentary film, digital media.