• Dr Mona Abdel-Fadil
    Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies

    New Media and religion, Islamic websites, Gender, Middle East, Arab Spring, Counselling

  • Dr Chris Allen
    IASS, University of Birmingham

    Religion in the public, political and policy spaces. The 'problems' related to religion and religious communities, how these impact and how they are represented.

  • Eleni Andreouli
    The Open University

    immigration, citizenship, ethnicity, religion, intercultural encounters

  • Nuaiman Keeprath Andru
    University of Hyderabad

    Muslim societies and cultures in south India, religion and
    popular culture, media historiography and minority studies.

  • Dr Eric Atwell
    School of Computing, University of Leeds

    Text Analytics, Corpus Linguistics and Machine Learning applied to sacred texts. EPSRC-funded project: Natural Language Processing Working Together With Arabic And Islamic Studies. The Quran as a dataset for computer analysis.

  • Dr Tomas Axelson
    Dalarna University

    film, religion, mediatization, narrative impact, world views, individualization, self reflexive processes, suture, dissociation

  • Dr Erica Baffelli
    University of Macnhester

    Japanese religion and media, Japanese New Religions online, authority.

  • Dr Jacquelene Brinton
    University of Kansas

    Media hermeneutics, mediation and preaching, production and reception of religious discourse

  • Dr Heidi Campbell
    Texas A&M University

    new media, religion, digital culture; social shaping of technology; information ethics, religion online

  • Dr Pauline Hope Cheong
    Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, Arizona State University

    Religious Authority, Community, Identity, Digital and Social Media, Christianity, Buddhism, Asia

  • Owen Coggins
    Open University

    sound recordings, performance and text, mysticism, sacred texts, Michel de Certeau, religious music, heavy metal

  • Ms Louise Connelly
    University of Edinburgh

    Buddhism online, religion and the internet, Second Life, new media, information management

  • Dr Adrian Coyle
    University of Kingston

    identity; social psychology of religion; religion and the secular; interactions between psychology and theology

  • Dr Árni Svanur Daníelsson
    University of Iceland; Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland

    Film and religion; religion in Nordic
    film; theology and film.

  • Dr Gaetano Dato
    Università di Trieste - Italy

    20th century Europe social, cultural, and political history with emphasis on Post–World War II, cold war, North Adriatic border region, sites of memory, political use of memory, relationship between politics and religion.

  • Ruth Deller
    Sheffield Hallam University, UK

    Television and religion/spirituality, Britain, audiences, public service broadcasting,
    new media

  • Dr Peter Fischer-Nielsen
    KirkeWeb, Centre for Contemporary Religion, Aarhus University

    Church communication on the internet

  • University of Manchester Business School

    My interests include religion and technology,religion in the workplace, Internet culture, the digital divide, ICT-enabled work practices, space and virtuality.

  • Prof Dr Angelina Gutierrez
    Saint Scholastica's College-Manila, Philippines

    Christianity in southeast Asia, faith-based education, religion in public life, religion & social change

  • Dr Damian Guzek
    University of Silesia in Katowice

    religion in media, structures of religious media, religion online, media coverage of conflicts

  • Dalhousie University

    Religion and Media; Sociology of Religion; Anthropology of Religion

  • Dr Titus Hjelm
    University College London

    Sociology of Religion, Media, Popular Culture (metal music, vampires), Social Problems, Social Theory, Marx and Marxism, Religion in Europe, Youth culture

  • Steven Hopkins
    Arizona State University


  • Mr John Kay
    University of Texas at Dallas

    digital humanities, new media, online religion, virtual worlds, philosophy of technology, cyber-religion, social network theory, comparative religions

  • Dr Lisa Kienzl
    University of Graz

    fan culture, digital knowledge, nation/idenity, gender and religion in popular television shows

  • Dr Joonseong Lee
    California State University San Marcos

    digital spirituality as digital breathing, Buddhism, critical cultural studies

  • CODEC, Durham University

    Digital Literacy, Christianity Online, Technology Enhanced Learning, The Bible, Discipleship Online

  • Dr Liv Ingeborg Lied
    Norwegian School of Theology

    Religion, popular media, materiality, historical perspectives on media culture

  • Dr Dawn Llewellyn
    University of Chester
  • Prof Roxanne D Marcotte
    Université du Québec à Montraéal (UQAM)
    Islam and Internet; religion and new media; women and gender online;

  • NTNU, Norway

    Islam, religion, public institutions, media, integration, democracy, deliberation, translation

  • Dr Nadja Miczek
    University of Lucerne

    contemporary spirituality and media, methods of researching religion in media networks, mediatization of spiritual healing

  • Mr Raoof Mir
    Centre for Media Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

    Religion, Media and Culture. I am currently studying Interplay of Media with Religion: A Case Study of Contemporary Kashmir as a PhD research scholar.

  • Dr Stephen Pihlaja
    University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

    metaphor, inter-religious dialogue, discourse analysis, social categorisation

  • Dr Elizabeth Poole
    Keele University

    Representations of Islam, Muslims and the media, ethnicity and the media, news, audiences, new media.

  • Dr Kerstin Radde-Antweiler
    University of Bremen, Germany

    religion and digital media
    online rituals
    virtual worlds

  • Ms Amanda Rodriguez Espinola
    University of Southern California

    Faith diplomacy, social media and religious institutions, interreligious dialogue

  • Prof S Brent Rodriguez-Plate
    Hamilton College, USA

    material religion, the senses, media and religion, film, visual culture

  • Universidade Aberta, Portugal; CAPP, Technical University

    Culture, Communication. Politics, Ideologies, Religion, Networks, Methods

  • Prof Dr Massimo Rosati
    University of Rome Tor Vergata

    Postsecular society, ritual and the sacred, memory

  • Dr Michele Rosenthal
    University of Haifa

    Judaism, Internet, Israel, Ritual

  • Dr Amber Stamper
    Elizabeth City State University

    Rhetoric & Religion, Religious Media & Culture, Digital Evangelism

  • Prof Andrea Stanton
    University of Denver

    Islamic studies

  • Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

    religion and technology; material religion; New Age sciences; 19th C Spiritualism; religious visual culture; Orthodox Jewish publishing and print culture.

  • Dr Anna Strhan
    University of Kent

    sociology of religion, social theory, anthropology
    of religion, evangelicalism, childhood, urban religion

  • The Open University

    Social theory; Claude Levi-Strauss; space and place; East Asian religions and spiritualities.

  • Ruth Tsuria
    Copenhagen University

    Islam, social change, globality, multiculturalism online, Islamopohobia, Internet citizenship

  • Dr Katja Valaskivi
    University of Tampere, CMT

    media and religion, circulation, non-institutional religion, philosophy of science and technology, gender, popular culture, perceptions of East and West

  • Mr Andrew Ventimiglia
    University of California, Davis

    American religion, new religious movements, intellectual property, spirituality, religion and law, emergent religion

  • Dr Deborah Whitehead
    University of Colorado, Boulder

    Christianity and U.S. popular culture; gender, religion, and culture; evangelical Christianity; theology; American pragmatism; critical theoretical approaches to the study of religion; hermeneutics; narrative and identity

  • Mahrou Zia
    University of Lancaster

    Pilgrimage and digital technologies