Associated institutions

Center for Media, Religion and Culture, University of Colorado

An interdisciplinary research team focused on the intersection of religious and media-related practices in the everyday lives of contemporary adults and their families.

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Centre for Religion and Contemporary Society, Birkbeck College

Interdisciplinary focus on the social, cultural, political and legal significance of religion in the contemporary world.

Center for Religion and Media, New York University

The Center seeks to develop interdisciplinary, cross-cultural knowledge of how religious practices and ideas are shaped and spread through a variety of media.

Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC)

Offers interdisciplinary analyses of social and cultural change to challenge contemporary myths and offer empirically grounded accounts of change in specific key areas. The original home of the Mediating Religion network.

Modern Mass Media, Religion and the Imagination of Communities, University of Amsterdam

A multidisciplinary research program addressing the role of electronic mass media in the shift from the nation-state as the privileged space for the imagination of community to the articulation of alternative, religious imaginations.